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This is the first restaurant website built on our 2006 module-based website framework. While on the front end it is very much similar to our previous restaurant projects, the backend has been tremendously improved.
Visitors are able to chose the items on the menu, add or change ingredients using check boxes and drop-down lists. The items are added to the shopping tray, as they are being ordered. The content of the order shows in real time on the right hand side of all pages during the ordering process. The order comes to the location via fax.
The users are all registered, which enables the business to send occasional special offers to their customers.
The administration part of the website enables the client to have complete control of the online menu through a user-friendly interface. Categories, menu items, and options can be added, edited or removed with great flexibility. The mailing module features mailing list management, grouping tools and a newsletter template which can be mailed to everyone, or selected groups
Graphic Design
The design of the site was somewhat challenging, as there were certain elements the clients wanted included in the layout. We believe we have achieved a harmonious and welcoming look and feel nevertheless.
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