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This is a fully blown, database-driven online store with shopping cart, selling paint, lacquers and painting accessories. The products are shown dynamically everywhere on the site. Lists of products display based on which link the visitor clicks, or on the keyword search.
The items being added to the cart are conveniently showing up in the upper right corner. The information on how many items are in the cart, and the total amount, are displayed in the same spot at all times.
The product catalog navigation expands dynamically, with only the section currently being browsed showing the subcategories.
The site is being maintained by the client using the administration interface powered by our original application, with following features:
  • Add / edit / remove products (includes thumbnail and large picture upload, and color charts association)
  • Search for products to edit
  • Change titles and descriptions of main categories
  • Add / edit / remove subcategories
  • Add / edit / remove manufacturers (includes logo upload)
  • Database clean-up
  • Newsletter subscription list maintenance
  • Easy-to-access help files
A part of the site is dedicated to the client's partner. Templates were designed enabling the partner to add, edit or remove pages for his part of the site.
Graphic Design
The site design reflects a feeling of a room currently undergoing a makeover. The color scheme is made up of colors most commonly used for painting walls. Design elements (buttons, headers, boxes) are designed to resemble paint samplers.
The administration interface design is clean and crisp. It uses simple navigation and color-coded user-friendly buttons.
Splash page

Dynamic Specials box

Admin detail

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