Web Sales and Service


When designing public and administrative layouts, logos, banners, or any other elements used in website development, we at Web Sales, Service & Marketing always keep in mind the uniqueness of our clients and their businesses.

If you take a look at our diverse Portfolio, you will see that we do not force our own style, a "uniform" look based on our own tastes and preferences, which you will see with too many Internet design companies. Once we take on a project, we carefully study the client's preferences, products or services being sold, and the demography of the market which needs to be reached. Based on this analysis, we decide on which direction to take with the layout, graphics and the color scheme.

To get an even better idea of what we are talking about, compare these websites: SFLAA, Portland House of Pizza, and e-Mall of Maine - three different projects, all similar in terms of complexity, but each so unique in design. The first has to appeal to a very specific audience - automobile dealers - the look is sharp and clean. For the pizza restaurant website, the choice of warm and vibrant, almost "edible" colors and realistic images encourage visitors to order food. As for the online shopping mall, where we can expect very diverse visitors, the look is bright, clean and crisp, but still warm and welcoming.

Besides the distinct look of the finished product, in website design it is also important that the pages load quickly and smoothly, and that they look the same and function properly on most commonly used platforms and with most popular web browsers. In order to achieve this, we are constantly educating ourselves on what is new in web design. We carefully optimize the graphics and combine different technologies to minimize the loading time and enhance the finished product performance.