Web Sales and Service


Thomas Soyden
Attracted by the potential of the "new frontier" of the Internet, Tom launched Web Sales and Service in 1999 with a vision of "managing the process between designers, programmers and business owners." An entrepreneur himself, with more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience in a number of industries including automotive, software, restaurants and imports Tom's business savvy and ability to help business owners define their needs and achieve their goals have ensured a growing roster of satisfied clients who are maximizing their potential and growing their businesses online.

Sasha Andric
Sasha's first computer was a ZX-Spectrum 48k, in 1981. Ever since then he's been in love with computers and what they can do. His most recent experience includes:
  • Server maintenance, Linux: intrusion detection, prevention and recovery; software installation, configuration and updates
  • PHP programming: web development, database design, Internet applications
  • Fluent in Perl, PHP, BASH, awk, JavaScript
Beti Andric
Beti's computer beginnings date in the early 80s, when she learned cobol, Fortran and BASIC. However, having an artist's soul she has leaned more towards graphic design over the years. Her latest experience includes:
  • Graphic design: Macromedia, Adobe and Corel applications
  • Scripting: XHTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets